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Flash Western Cheminuminescence Kit


Run an entire Western blot in one hour

The Flash Western Chemilumnescence Kit allows users to run a rapid and sensitive chemiluminescence Western blot. Block, hybridize, enhance signal, and detect in less than one hour of blotting time.

Size: 10 blots


Flash Western Chemiluminescence Kit

The Azure Flash Western Chemiluminescence Kit uses a proprietary set of reagents to achieve complete membrane blocking, rapid antibody hybridization, and enhancement of chemi signal is less than one hour of blotting time.

    Fast protocol with few hands on steps
    Antibody stabilization for enhanced chemi signal
    Low background and increased signal to noise ratios
    Increased signal detection and linear dynamic range

Each kit includes:

    10 PVDF Membranes
    Chemi Blot Blocking Buffer, 100mL
    Flash HRP Conjugate, 500μL
    Flash Wash Buffer, 250mL
    Radiance ECL Substrate, 100mL

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