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publicationsMozumder S, Bej A, Srinivasan K, et al
Comprehensive structural modeling and preparation of human 5‐HT2A G‐protein coupled receptor in functionally active form

[Published online August 30, 2019] Biopolymers, doi 10.1002/bip.23329

publicationsNguyen TTT, Ishida CT, Shang E, et al
Activation of LXRβ inhibits tumor respiration and is synthetically lethal with Bcl‐xL inhibition

[Published online August 29, 2019] EMBO Mol Med, doi 10.15252/emmm.201910769

publicationsMarzano M, Bejoy J, Cheerathodi MR, et al
Differential effects of extracellular vesicles of lineage-specific human pluripotent stem cells on the cellular behaviors of isogenic cortical spheroids

[Published online August 28, 2019] Cells, doi 10.3390/cells8090993

publicationsZhang X, Liu XD, Xian YF, et al
Berberine enhances survival and axonal regeneration of motoneurons following spinal root avulsion and re-implantation in rats

[Published online August 28, 2019] Free Rad Biol Med, doi 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2019.08.029

publicationsHasan M, Kanna MS, Jun W, et al
Schema-like learning and memory consolidation acting through myelination

[Published online August 28, 2019] FASEB J, doi 10.1096/fj.201900910R

publicationsWenta T, Jarzab M, Rychlowski M, et al
Cellular substrates and pro-apoptotic function of the human HtrA4 protease

[Published online August 27, 2019] J Proteomics, doi 10.1016/j.jprot.2019.103505

publicationsJin X, Wang T, Liao Y, et al
Neuroinflammatory reactions in the brain of 1,2-DCE-intoxicated mice during brain edema

[Published online August 27, 2019] Cells, doi 10.3390/cells8090987

publicationsMoon D, Kim J
Cyclosporin A aggravates hydrogen peroxide-induced cell death in kidney proximal tubule epithelial cells

[Published online August 26, 2019] Anat Cell Biol, doi 10.5115/acb.18.192

publicationsSaleh AM, Jacobson KR, Kinzer-Ursem TL, et al
Dynamics of non-canonical amino acid-labeled intra- and extracellular proteins in the developing mouse

[Published online August 26, 2019] Cell Mol Bioeng, doi 10.1007/s12195-019-00592-1

publicationsWang H, Dou D, Östbye H, et al
Structural restrictions for influenza neuraminidase activity promote adaptation and diversification

[Published online August 26, 2019] Nat Microbiol, doi 10.1038/s41564-019-0537-z

publicationsHsu T, Mallareddy JR, Yoshida K, et al
Synthesis and pharmacological characterization of ethylenediamine synthetic opioids in human μ‐opiate receptor 1 (OPRM1) expressing cells

[Published online August 22, 2019] Pharmacol Res Perspect, doi 10.1002/prp2.511

publicationsBendezu J, Morales RS, Montesinos R, et al
Glycoprotein G (gG) production profile during infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) infection

[Published online August 21, 2019] PLoS One, doi 10.1371/journal.pone.0219475

publicationsSimpson BW, Pahil KS, Owens TW, et al
Combining mutations that inhibit two distinct steps of the ATP hydrolysis cycle restores wild-type function in the lipopolysaccharide transporter and shows that ATP binding triggers transport

[Published online August 20, 2019] Mbio, doi 10.1128/mBio.01931-19

publicationsBartok A, Weaver D, Golenár T, et al
IP3 receptor isoforms differently regulate ER-mitochondrial contacts and local calcium transfer

[Published online August 19, 2019] Nat Commun, doi 10.1038/s41467-019-11646-3

publicationsSosnowska M, Kutwin M, Jaworski S, et al
Mechano-signalling, induced by fullerene C60 nanofilms, arrests the cell cycle in the G2/M phase and decreases proliferation of liver cancer cells

[Published online August 18, 2019] Int J Nanomedicine, doi 10.2147/IJN.S206934

publicationsLu J, Meng Z, Cheng B, et al
Apigenin reduces the excessive accumulation of lipids induced by palmitic acid via the AMPK signaling pathway in HepG2 cells

[Published online August 16, 2019] Exp Ther Med, doi 10.3892/etm.2019.7905

publicationsLian J, Xia L, Chen Y, et al
Aldolase B impairs DNA mismatch repair and induces apoptosis in colon adenocarcinoma

[Published online August 16, 2019] Pathol Res Pract, doi 10.1016/j.prp.2019.152597

publicationsRoyer DJ, Echegaray-Mendez J, Lin L, et al
Complementand CD4+T cells drive context-specific corneal sensoryneuropathy

[Published online August 15, 2019] Elife, doi 10.7554/eLife.48378

publicationsKramerova I, Kumagai-Cresse C, Ermolova N, et al
Spp1 (osteopontin) promotes TGFβ processing in fibroblasts of dystrophin deficient muscles through matrix metalloproteinases

[Published online August 14, 2019] Hum Mol Genet, doi 10.1093/hmg/ddz181

publicationsSessions GA, Copp ME, Liu JY, et al
Controlled induction and targeted elimination of p16INK4a-expressing chondrocytes in cartilage explant culture

[Published online August 13, 2019] FASEB J, doi 10.1096/fj.201900815RR

publicationsMiller HE, Hoyt FH, Heinzen RA
Replication of Coxiella burnetii in a lysosome-like vacuole does not require lysosomal hydrolases

[Published online August 12, 2019] Infect Immun, doi 10.1128/IAI.00493-19

publicationsOlson MG, Widner RE, Jorgenson LM, et al
Proximity labeling to map host-pathogen interactions at the membrane of a bacteria containing vacuole in Chlamydia trachomatis infected human cells

[Published online August 12, 2019] Infect Immun, doi 10.1128/IAI.00537-19

publicationsYuan Y, Ma Y, Luo L, et al
Ratiometric determination of human papillomavirus-16 DNA by using fluorescent DNA-templated silver nanoclusters and hairpin-blocked DNAzyme-assisted cascade amplification

[Published online August 10, 2019] Mikrochim Acta, doi 10.1007/s00604-019-3732-y

publicationsPázmándi K, Sütő M, Fekete T, et al
Oxidized base 8-oxoguanine, a product of DNA repair processes, contributes to dendritic cell activation

[Published online August 10, 2019] Free Rad Biol Med, doi 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2019.08.010

publicationsPergrande MR, Serma-Perez F, Mohsin SB, et al
Lipidomic analysis reveals altered fatty acid metabolism in the liver of the symptomatic Niemann–Pick, type C1 mouse model

[Published online August 08, 2019] Proteomics, doi 10.1002/pmic.201800285

publicationsCheng H, Li W, Peng J, et al
Mesoporous silica containers and programmed catalytic hairpin assembly/hybridization chain reaction based electrochemical sensing platform for microRNA ultrasensitive Detection with Low Background

[Published online August 08, 2019] Anal Chem, doi 10.1021/acs.analchem.9b01947

publicationsAguila B, Morris AB, Spina R, et al
The Ig superfamily protein PTGFRN coordinates survival signaling in glioblastoma multiforme

[Published online August 01, 2019] Cancer Lett, doi 10.1016/j.canlet.2019.07.018

publicationsChong A, Starr T, Finn CE, et al
A role for the Salmonella Type III Secretion System 1 in bacterial adaptation to the cytosol of epithelial cells

[Published online August 01, 2019] Mol Microbiol, doi 10.1111/mmi.14361

publicationsBuchanan RA, Foley KE, Pepper KW, et al
Meox2 haploinsufficiency accelerates axonal degeneration in DBA/2J glaucoma

[Published online August 01, 2019] Invest Ophthamol, doi 10.1167/iovs.18-26126

publicationsAgoston DV, McCullough J, Aniceto R, et al
Clinically relevant outcome measures for experimental traumatic brain injury (TBI) studies

[Published online July 30, 2019] Animal Models Neurotraum

publicationsKaradurmus D, Rial D, De Backer JF, et al
GPRIN-3 controls neuronal excitability, morphology and striatal-dependent behaviors in the indirect pathway of the striatum

[Published online July 30, 2019] J Neurosci, doi 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2454-18.2019

publicationsJung NU, Giarola V, Chen P, et al
Craterostigma plantagineum cell wall composition is remodelled during desiccation and the glycine‐rich protein CpGRP1 interacts with pectins through clustered arginines

[Published online July 27, 2019] Plant J, doi 10.1111/tpj.14479

publicationsBai W, Sargent CJ, Choi JM, et al
Covalently-assembled single-chain protein nanostructures with ultra-high stability

[Published online July 25, 2019] Nat Commun, doi 10.1038/s41467-019-11285-8

publicationsBelardinelli JM, Stevens CM, Li W, et al
The MmpL3 interactome reveals a complex crosstalk between cell envelope biosynthesis and cell elongation and division in mycobacteria

[Published online July 24, 2019] Sci Rep, doi 10.1038/s41598-019-47159-8

publicationsEjendal KFK, Fraseur JG, Kinzer-Ursem TL
Protein labeling and bioconjugation using N-myristoyltransferase

[Published online July 23, 2019] Methods Mol Biol, doi 10.1007/978-1-4939-9654-4_11

publicationsTocmo R, Parkin K
S-1-propenylmercaptocysteine protects murine hepatocytes against oxidative stress via persulfidation of Keap1 and activation of Nrf2

[Published online July 23, 2019] Free Radic Biol Med, doi 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2019.07.022

publicationsWu Y, Ma Y, Hu S, et al
Transcriptomic-proteomics-anticoagulant bioactivity integrated study of Pheretima guillemi

[Published online July 22, 2019] J Ethnopharmacol, doi 10.1016/j.jep.2019.112101

publicationsHerrera-Vaquero M, Bouquio D, Kallab M, et al
The molecular tweezer CLR01 reduces aggregated, pathologic, and seeding-competent α-synuclein in experimental multiple system atrophy

[Published online July 15, 2019] Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis Dis, doi 10.1016/j.bbadis.2019.07.007

publicationsQuant AJB, Albis AR, Perez JA
Effect of heat treatment on physical properties of whey protein beverages

[Published online July 15, 2019] St Cerc St CICBIA, doi 10.1016/j.mcn.2019.06.004

publicationsMackowiak B, Li L, Lynch C, et al
High-content analysis of constitutive androstane receptor (CAR) translocation identifies mosapride citrate as a CAR agonist that represses gluconeogenesis

[Published online July 12, 2019] Biochem Pharmacol, doi 10.1016/j.bcp.2019.07.013

publicationsCui Y, Zhang L, Wang W, et al
Downregulation of nicotinamide N-methyltransferase inhibits migration and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma via Wnt/β-catenin pathway

[Published online July 5, 2019] Mol Cell Biochem, doi 10.1007/s11010-019-03573-0

publicationsMaheshwari R, Bhutani N, Bhardwaj A, et al
Functional diversity of cultivable endophytes from Cicer arietinum and Pisum sativum: Bioprospecting their plant growth potential

[Published online July 4, 2019] Biocatalysis Agric Biotech, doi 10.1016/j.bcab.2019.101229

publicationsWenta T, Rychlowski M, Jurewicz E, et al
The HtrA3 protease promotes drug‐induced death of lung cancer cells by cleavage of the X‐linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (XIAP)

[Published online July 1, 2019] FEBS J, doi 10.1111/febs.14977

publicationsDo HQ, Le TV, Dang MT, et al
Recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor alleviates liver fibrosis in bile duct-ligated mice

[Published online June 29, 2019] Biomed Res Ther, doi 10.15419/bmrat.v6i6.549

publicationsPergande MR, Zarate E, Haney-Ball C, et al
Standard-flow LC and thermal focusing ESI elucidates altered liver proteins in late stage Niemann–Pick, type C1 disease

[Published online June 28, 2019] Bioanalysis, doi 10.4155/bio-2018-0232

publicationsVinokurov KS, Koloniuk I
Discovery and characterization of a novel alphavirus-like RNA virus from the red firebug Pyrrhocoris apterus L. (Heteroptera)

[Published online June 28, 2019] J Invertebr Pathol, doi 10.1016/j.jip.2019.107213

publicationsChauhan SS, LeMaster MN, Clark DL, et al
Glycolysis and pH decline terminate prematurely in oxidative muscles despite the presence of excess glycogen

[Published online June 28, 2019] Meat Muscle Biol, doi 10.22175/mmb2019.02.0006

publicationsJackson JW, Hancock TJ, LaPrade E, et al
The human cytomegalovirus chemokine vCXCL-1 modulates normal dissemination kinetics of murine cytomegalovirus in vivo

[Published online June 25, 2019] Mbio, doi 10.1128/mBio.01289-19

publicationsLee J, Lee HC, Kim SY, et al
Poorly-controlled type 1 diabetes mellitus impairs LH-LHCGR signaling in the ovaries and decreases female fertility in mice

[Published online June 24, 2019] Yonsei Med J, doi 10.3349/ymj.2019.60.7.667

publicationsAlshaikh AB, Padma AM, Dehlin M, et al
Decellularization of the mouse ovary: comparison of different scaffold generation protocols for future ovarian bioengineering

[Published online June 22, 2019] J Ovarian Res, doi 10.1186/s13048-019-0531-3

publicationsStrmidks V, Buchtelova H, Michalek P, et al
Investigating the interplay between sarcosine and CA2+-dependent signaling in prostate cells

[Published online June 21, 2019] MendelNet

publicationsIhn HJ, Kim JA, Lim S, et al
Fermented oyster extract prevents ovariectomy-induced bone loss and suppresses osteoclastogenesis

[Published online June 21, 2019] Nutrients, doi 10.3390/nu11061392

publicationsWang J, Meng F, Kim BK, et al
In-vitro and in-vivo difference in gene delivery by lithocholic acid-polyethyleneimine conjugate

[Published online June 21, 2019] Biomaterials, doi 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2019.119296

publicationsKim J, yang J, Kim YB, et al
Development of a specific CHIKV-E2 monoclonal antibody for chikungunya diagnosis

[Published online June 18, 2019] Virol Sin, doi 10.1007/s12250-019-00135-y

publicationsMohring F, Hart MN, Rawlinson TA, et al
Rapid and iterative genome editing in the malaria parasite Plasmodium knowlesi provides new tools for P. vivax research

[Published online June 17, 2019] Elife, doi 10.7554/eLife.45829

publicationsChaurasiya S, Chen NG, Lu J, et al
A chimeric poxvirus with J2R (thymidine kinase) deletion shows safety and anti-tumor activity in lung cancer models

[Published online June 17, 2019] Cancer Gene Ther, doi 10.1038/s41417-019-0114-x

publicationsMarcinkiewcz CA, Bierlein-De La Rosa G, Dorrier CE, et al
Sex-dependent modulation of anxiety and fear by 5-HT1A receptors in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis

[Published online June 17, 2019] ACS Chem Neurosci, doi 10.1021/acschemneuro.8b00594

publicationsShan H, Yao S, Ye Y, et al
3-Deoxy-2β,16-dihydroxynagilactone E, a natural compound from Podocarpus nagi, preferentially inhibits JAK2/STAT3 signaling by allosterically interacting with the regulatory

[Published online June 14, 2019] Acta Pharmacol Sin, doi 10.1038/s41401-019-0254-4

publicationsBabst BA, Ferrieri R, Schueller M
Detecting rapid changes in carbon transport and partitioning with carbon-11 (11C)

[Published online June 14, 2019] Methods Mol Biol, doi 10.1007/978-1-4939-9562-2_14

publicationsMoreno-Pescador G, Florentsen CD, Ostbye H, et al
Curvature- and phase-induced protein sorting quantified in transfected cell-derived giant vesicles

[Published online June 14, 2019] ACS Nano, doi 10.1021/acsnano.9b01052

publicationsDu HM, Wang YJ, Liu X, et al
Defective central immune tolerance induced by high-dose D-galactose resembles aging

[Published online June 13, 2019] Biochemistry (Mosc), doi 10.1134/S000629791906004X

publicationsLi L, Wei J, Li S, et al
The deubiquitinase USP13 stabilizes the anti-inflammatory receptor IL-1R8/Sigirr to suppress lung inflammation

[Published online June 13, 2019] EBioMedicine, doi 10.1016/j.ebiom.2019.06.011

publicationsAcosta G, Race N, Herr S, et al
Acrolein-mediated alpha-synuclein pathology involvement in the early post-injury pathogenesis of mild blast-induced Parkinsonian neurodegeneration

[Published online June 12, 2019] Mol Cell Neurosci, doi 10.1016/j.mcn.2019.06.004

publicationsSSharma N, Saxena S, Agrawal I, et al
Differential expression profile of NLRs and AIM2 in glioma and implications for NLRP12 in glioblastoma

[Published online June 11, 2019] Sci Rep, doi 10.1038/s41598-019-44854-4

publicationsHathaway QA, Roth SM, Pinti MV, et al
Machine-learning to stratify diabetic patients using novel cardiac biomarkers and integrative genomics

[Published online June 11, 2019] Cardiovasc Diabetol, doi 10.1186/s12933-019-0879-0

publicationsHaymond A, Dey D, Carter R, et al
Protein painting, an optimized MS-based technique, reveals functionally relevant interfaces of the PD-1/PD-L1complexand the YAP2/ZO-1 comple

[Published online June 5, 2019] J Biol Chem, doi 10.1074/jbc.RA118.007310

publicationsLukito Y, Chujo T, Hale TK, et al
Regulation of subtelomeric fungal secondary metabolite genes by H3K4me3 regulators CclA and KdmB

[Published online June 4, 2019] Mol Microbiol, doi 10.1111/mmi.14320

publicationsYang HZ, Zhang J, Zeng J, et al
Resveratrol inhibits the proliferation of melanoma cells by modulating cell cycle

[Published online June 3, 2019] Int J Food Sci Nutr, doi 10.1080/09637486.2019.1614541

publicationsFu X, Shi Z, Jiang Y, et al
A family of auxin conjugate hydrolases from Solanum lycopersicum and analysis of their roles in flower pedicel abscission

[Published online June 3, 2019] BMC Plant Biol, doi 10.1186/s12870-019-1840-9

publicationsOpattova A, Horak J, Vodenkova S, et al
Ganoderma Lucidum induces oxidative DNA damage and enhances the effect of 5-Fluorouracil in colorectal cancer in vitro and in vivo

[Published online June 3, 2019] Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, doi 10.1016/j.mrgentox.2019.06.001

publicationsCui HJ, Cui XG, Jing X, et all
GAS1 Deficient Enhances UPR Activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

[Published online June 2, 2019] BioMed Res Int, doi 10.1155/2019/1238581

publicationsSaqier, Bao S, Han S, et al
Effects of Agriophyllum squarrosum extracts on glucose metabolism in KKAy mice and the associated underlying mechanisms

[Published online May 31, 2019] J Ethnopharmacol, doi 10.1016/j.jep.2019.112009

publicationsKim H, Kim AY, Kim JS, et al
A simple and rapid assay to evaluate purity of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine before animal experimentation

[Published online May 25, 2019] Vaccine, doi 10.1016/j.vaccine.2019.05.053

publicationsMa S, Liu T, Xu L, et al
Histone deacetylases inhibitor MS‐275 suppresses human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell growth and progression via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway

[Published online May 23, 2019] J Cell Physiol, doi 10.1002/jcp.28805

publicationsTian F-z, Chang H-s, Liu J-x, et al
Cynomorium songaricum extract alleviates memory impairment through increasing CREB/BDNF via suppression of p38MAPK/ERK pathway in ovariectomized rats

[Published online May 23, 2019] Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, doi 10.1155/2019/9689325

publicationsPalčeková Z, Angala SK, Belardinelli JM, et al
Disruption of the SucT acyltransferase in Mycobacterium smegmatis abrogates succinylation of cell envelope polysaccharides

[Published online May 20, 2019] J Biol Chem, doi 10.1074/jbc.RA119.008585

publicationsLeMaster MN, Chauhan SS, Wick MP, et al
Potassium carbonate improves fresh pork quality characteristics

[Published online May 20, 2019] Meat Sci, doi 10.1016/j.meatsci.2019.05.019

publicationsDalvi S, Galloway CA, Winschel L, et al
Environmental stress impairs photoreceptor outer segment (POS) phagocytosis and degradation and induces autofluorescent material accumulation in hiPSC-RPE cells

[Published online May 16, 2019] Cell Death Discov, doi 10.1038/s41420-019-0171-9

publicationsZhang H, Luo Y, Lu JG, et al
Diacylglycerol oil reduces fat accumulation and increases protein content by inducing lipid catabolism and protein metabolism in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

[Published online May 15, 2019] Aquaculture, doi 10.1016/j.aquaculture.2019.05.035

publicationsFields FJ, Ostrand JT, Tran M, et al
Nuclear genome shuffling significantly increases production of chloroplast-based recombinant protein in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

[Published online May 15, 2019] Algal Res, doi 10.1016/j.algal.2019.101523

publicationsTang Y, Shao S, Guo Y, et al
Electroacupuncture mitigates hippocampal cognitive impairments by reducing BACE1 deposition and activating PKA in APP/PS1 double transgenic mice

[Published online May 15, 2019] Neural Plasticity, doi 10.1155/2019/2823679

publicationsMaric T, Mikhaylov G, Khodakivskyi P, et al
Bioluminescent-based imaging and quantification of glucose uptake in vivo

[Published online May 13, 2019] Nat Methods, doi 10.1038/s41592-019-0421-z

publicationsChen X, Mai H, Chen X, et al
Rs2015 polymorphism in miRNA target site of Sirtuin2 gene is associated with the risk of Parkinson’s disease in Chinese Han population

[Published online May 12, 2019] Biomed Res Int, doi 10.1155/2019/1498034

publicationsKimani F, Kim SM, Steinhardt R, et al
Correlating the structure and reactivity of a contact allergen, DNCB, and its analogs to sensitization potential

[Published online May 11, 2019] Bioorg Med Chem, doi 10.1016/j.bmc.2019.05.017

publicationsSandoval R, Boyd RD, Kiszter AN, et al
Stable native RIP9 complexes associate with C‐to‐U RNA editing activity, PPRs, RIPs, OZ1, ORRM1, and ISE2

[Published online May 11, 2019] Plant J, doi 10.1111/tpj.14384

publicationsNgwaga T, Hydock AJ, Ganesan S, et al
Potentiation of cytokine-mediated restriction of Legionella intracellular replication by a Dot/Icm-translocated effector

[Published online April 29, 2019] J Bacteriol, doi 10.1128/JB.00755-18

publicationsZhao Y, Ma W, Zou S, et al
erminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-initiated molecule beacons arrayed aptamer probe for sensitive detection of metastatic colorectal cancer cells

[Published online April 28, 2019] Talanta, doi 10.1016/j.talanta.2019.04.065

publicationsFrance MM, del Rio T, Travers H, et al
Ultra-rapid drug delivery in the oral cavity using ultrasound

[Published online April 27, 2019] J Control Release, doi 10.1016/j.jconrel.2019.04.037

publicationsMai N, Miller-Rhodes K, Prifty V, et al
Lung-derived SOD3 attenuates neurovascular injury after transient global cerebral ischemia

[Published online April 27, 2019] J Am Heart Assoc, doi 10.1161/JAHA.118.011801

publicationsFlentke GR, Baulch JW, Berres ME, et al
Alcohol‐mediated calcium signals dysregulate pro‐survival Snai2/PUMA/Bcl2 networks to promote p53‐

[Published online April 25, 2019] Birth Defects Res, doi 10.1002/bdr2.1508

publicationsMartin LE, Kay KE, Torregrossa AM
Bitter-induced salivary proteins increase detection threshold of quinine, but not sucrose

[Published online April 25, 2019] Chem Senses, doi 10.1093/chemse/bjz021

publicationsAgrawal M, Rastogi M, Dogra S, et al
Chandipura virus changes cellular miRNome in human microglial cells

[Published online April 24, 2019] J Med Virol, doi 10.1002/jmv.25491

publicationsHenningan RF, Fletcher JS, Guard S, et al
Proximity biotinylation identifies a set of conformation-specific interactions between Merlin and cell junction proteins

[Published online April 23, 2019] Sci Signal, doi 10.1126/scisignal.aau8749

publicationsKolaka R, Chotwiwatthanakun C, Chutabhakdikula N
Fetal exposure to high levels of maternal glucocorticoids alters reelin signaling in the prefrontal cortex of rat pups

[Published online April 20, 2019] Int J Dev Neurosci, doi 10.1016/j.ijdevneu.2019.04.004

publicationsKaundal B, Srivastava AK, Sardoiwala MN, et al
NIR-responsive indocyanine green-genistein nanoformulation controlling polycomb epigenetic machinery for efficient photo-chemo-combotherapy of glioblastoma

[Published online April 16, 2019] Nanoscale Adv, doi 10.1039/C9NA00212J

publicationsKnox T, Sahakian E, Banik D, et al
Selective HDAC6 inhibitors improve anti-PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade therapy by decreasing the anti-inflammatory phenotype of macrophages and down-regulation of immunosuppressive proteins in tumor cells

[Published online April 16, 2019] Sci Rep, doi 10.1038/s41598-019-42237-3

publicationsStrickaert A, Corbet C, Spinette SA, et al
Reprogramming of energetic metabolism: increased expression and roles of pyruvate carboxylase in papillary thyroid cancer

[Published online April 16, 2019] Thyroid, doi 10.1089/thy.2018.0435

publicationsJoiner CM, Breen ME, Mapp AK
Electron‐deficient p‐benzoyl‐l‐phenylalanine derivatives increase covalent chemical capture yields for protein–protein interactions

[Published online April 12, 2019] Protein Sci, doi 10.1002/pro.3621

publicationsHan S, Ray JW, Pathak P, et al
KLF15 regulates endobiotic and xenobiotic metabolism

[Published online April 8, 2019] Nat Metab, doi 10.1038/s42255-019-0054-7

publicationsXie N, Liu S, Fang H, et al
Three-dimensional molecular transfer from DNA nanocages to inner gold nanoparticle surfaces

[Published online April 8, 2019] ACS Nano, doi 10.1021/acsnano.8b09147

publicationsVanichkitrungruang S, Chuang CY, Hawkins CL, et al
Oxidation of human plasma fibronectin by inflammatory oxidants perturbs endothelial cell function

[Published online April 5, 2019] Free Radic Biol Med, doi 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2019.04.003

publicationsJiang L, Li R, Xu J, et al
Endotoxin-adsorbing macrophage-mimetic hybrid liposome for sepsis treatment

[Published online April 5, 2019] Chem Eng J, doi 10.1016/j.cej.2019.04.032

publicationsPark JE, Park J, Jun Y, et al
Expanding therapeutic utility of carfilzomib for breast cancer therapy by novel albumin-coated nanocrystal formulation

[Published online April 4, 2019] J Control Release, doi 10.1016/j.jconrel.2019.04.006

publicationsWozny AS, Vares G, Alphonse G, et al
ROS production and distribution: a new paradigm to explain the differential effects of X-ray and carbon ion irradiation on cancer stem cell migration and invasion

[Published online April 3, 2019] Cancers, doi 0.3390/cancers11040468

publicationsIhn HJ, Kim K, Cho HS, et al
Pentamidine inhibits titanium particle-induced osteolysis in vivo and receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand-mediated osteoclast differentiation in vitro

[Published online April 2, 2019] Tissue Eng Regen Med

publicationsZhang L, Hu J, Han X, et al
A high-quality apple genome assembly reveals the association of a retrotransposon and red fruit colour

[Published online April 2, 2019] Nat Commun, doi 10.1038/s41467-019-09518-x

publicationsQu X, Hu Y, Wang H, et al
Biomimetic dextran–peptide vectors for efficient and safe siRNA delivery

[Published online April 2, 2019] ACS Appl Bio Mater, doi 10.1021/acsabm.8b00714

publicationsWaeyenberge L, de Sutter N, Viaene N, et al
New insights into nematode DNA-metabarcoding as revealed by the characterization of artificial and spiked nematode communities

[Published online April 2, 2019] Diversity, doi 10.3390/d11040052

publicationsBone DBJ, Meister J, Knudsen JR, et al
Skeletal muscle-specific activation of Gq signaling maintains glucose homeostasis

[Published online April 1, 2019] Diabetes, doi 10.2337/db18-0796

publicationsKim Y, Yang DS, Katti P, et al
Protein composition of the muscle mitochiondrial reticulum during postnatal development

[Published online March 28, 2019] J Physiol, doi 10.1113/JP277579

publicationsDeng C, Hao X, Shi M, et al
Tanshinone production could be increased by the expression of SmWRKY2 in Salvia miltiorrhiza hairy roots

[Published online March 26, 2019] Plant Science, doi 10.1016/j.plantsci.2019.03.007

publicationsIndra R, Cerna T, Heger Z, et al
Ellipticine-loaded apoferritin nanocarrier retains DNA adduct-based cytochrome P450-facilitated toxicity in neuroblastoma cells

[Published online March 23, 2019] Toxicology, doi 10.1016/j.tox.2019.03.009

publicationsWei S, Huang J, Liu Z, et al,
Differential immune responses of C57BL/6 mice to infection by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strain SL1344, CVCC541 and CMCC50115

[Published online March 21, 2019] Virulence, doi 10.1080/21505594.2019.1597496

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Structural basis of unidirectional export of lipopolysaccharide to the cell surface

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