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Azure c400

Visible Fluorescent Western Blot Imaging System

The Azure c400 is a visibly better visible fluorescent imaging system that can also perform chemiluminescent detection at the same sensitivity as film.

With three-channel RGB excitation for Cy5/Cy3/Cy2 fluorescent Western blot applications, you can quantify three proteins on a single blot (or two proteins and a loading control) without stripping and re-probing.

The Azure c400 also enables highly sensitive chemiluminescent detection so you can say goodbye to the hassles of film and darkroom chemicals—just place your sample in the system and capture an image with the click of a button.


Product Features

  • Three channel RGB excitation for Cy5/Cy3/Cy2 applications—allows quantitation of two proteins (or modifications) and a loading control without stripping and re-probing
  • Fast chemiluminescent detection without the hassles and inconveniences of film
  • Single, multi-functional instrument can image and quantify all of your gels and blots—DNA, protein, colorimetric and photometric
  • Upgradeable to two-channel NIR fluorescent detection to meet future lab needs. The Azure c400 can be field upgraded to the c600 to image samples in the NIR
  • 4.8 OD Dynamic Range



White Light

Wht Light

Blue Light

Blue Light

UV Light

UV Light








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