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Azure c150

The Azure c150 is a basic gel documentation system for cost-conscious laboratories. Use your choice of dyes or stains and the system automatically selects the light source and filters for you—UV for Ethidium bromide-stained DNA gels, blue light for SYBR® Safe or similar dyes, white light for Silver stain or Coumassie Blue.

NOTE: unlike the similarly-featured c200, the Azure c150 is not upgradable.

Product Features

  • Multiple light sources and filters—image both protein and DNA gels with your choice of stains or dyes
  • Compact design—38cm W X 55cm H X 36cm D, keep more space free on your bench



White Light

Wht Light

Blue Light

Blue Light

UV Light

UV Light




brochure-coverAzure c200/c150
Brochure (PDF)



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