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Azure 500

Near-Infrared Fluorescence Western Blot Imaging System

With the Azure 500, you have the best solution for sensitive Near-Infrared and ECL Western Blots, and gel documentation.

*Upgradeable in the field to Azure 600.

The two-channel NIR Fluorescence detection enables sensitive multiplex Western Blotting with minimal background. Image and quantify two different targets in the same position more efficiently without needing to strip and re-probe your WBs.

Chemiluminescence detection that surpasses X-ray film detection in sensitivity and dynamic range. The imaging chamber replaces the darkroom and film developers to generate a digital image including true color molecular weight marker. Obtain your images immediately and be ready to quantify bands in the analysis software.

Intuitive capture software controlled by a wide touchscreen. Use the preset protocols of the comprehensive list of typical detections, or generate your own custom protocols combining any excitation source, emission filter, image overlay, lens aperture, exposure time, focus, distance to the camera, and resolution.

Connectivity through WI-FI, Ethernet, and USB in a Microsoft Windows10 OS.


Product Features

  • Two Near-Infrared fluorescence channels. Laser diodes at 685nm and 784nm offer better sensitivity than LEDs or white light sources for Western Blot.
  • Fast and Sensitive Chemiluminescent Detection – Outperforms film performance while generates a quantitative, wide dynamic range image. Indicates eventual signal saturation for accurate quantitation.
  • Upgradeable to include three RGB fluorescence channels – The Azure 500 can be field upgraded to the Azure 600 for applications detecting fluorescent biomolecules in the visible range, Cy2/Cy3/Cy5 or similar fluorochromes
  • *Optional Q Module (Green Channel) for Total Protein Normalization of Near-Infrared WB using TotalStain Q, and detection of one more fluorescent target
  • Capture images of NIR fluorescence WB in multiplex, ECL WB, biomolecules tagged with fluorescent labels in gels, fluorescent and colorimetric stains in gels, Petri dishes, TLC, etc.
    True Color Imaging of translucent and opaque samples.
  • Dynamic Range of 4.82 orders of magnitude



White Light

True Color

Blue Light


UV Light