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Azure 280

The Sensitivity of Film at an Economical Price

With the Azure 280, performance and affordability go hand-in-hand, putting sensitive digital chemiluminescent detection within reach of most individual labs.

Get the same sensitivity as chemiluminescent detection on film, but without the hassles of a darkroom and the expense of a bulky film developer.

Image acquisition is as easy as placing your blot into the instrument and pressing a button—no more wasting time testing multiple film exposures to get the best image.

Ask for upgrade options to visible and IR Western Blot Imaging.

Product Features

  • High performance digital chemiluminescent imaging eliminates the need for a darkroom—enjoy short imaging times, picogram sensitivity
  • Application Flexibility—image DNA gels (EtBr, SYBR® Safe, and other “safe” dyes) and protein gels (Coomassie and silver stain) as well as chemiluminescent blots
  • Easy analysis—included AzureSpot software automates many common tasks for quick and easy image capture and quantitation
  • 4.8 OD Dynamic Range



White Light

Color Imaging

Blue Light


UV Light