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Handy Resources to Improve Your Western Blots

At Azure Biosystems we live and breathe all things Western blotting. From innovative imagers, to top notch reagents and accessories, to customer education, we are here to support you in your quest for the most robust Western blotting protocols, techniques and data no matter where you are in your Western blotting career.

Are you a Western blotting novice trying to learn more about the process to perfect your technique? Or maybe you’re a veteran Western blotter looking to improve your blots or switch detection methods. In either case, we have resources on Western blotting basics and troubleshooting and a team of experts who can help you get your blots just right.

Below you’ll find six different resources to help you up your Western blotting game.

Western Blotting Guidebook –
Wet or Dry? Which Transfer is Best for Your Assay? –
How to Improve Your Chemi Blots –
How to Improve Your Fluorescence Blots –
Tips on Transitioning from Chemiluminescence to Fluorescence –
Troubleshooting for Clean Western Blots –
Increasing Assay Efficiency with Four Color Westerns –