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Nice Western Blot

What is Western Blotting?

Your common Western blotting questions, answered Western blotting is a widely used analytical technique that can identify one or more specific proteins in a complex mixture of proteins. It is a powerful tool that provides information about the presence, size, and under the right conditions, even the amount of a protein. Though commonly used and […]

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Which protein assay is best for you?

Have you ever spent ages correctly quantifying your protein samples, cast the perfect gel, efficiently transferred, probed and eventually come to the visualization stage only to be presented with a loading control like this: Before you throw your blot out with the bathwater and repeat the experiment, you should consider your choice of protein assay […]

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A new mechanism by which bacteriophage T5 inhibits growth of E. coli

How can we better control pathogenic bacteria? Insights may come from studying bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria. There are a wide variety of bacteriophages, each of which is specialized to infect and replicate within a specific target bacteria. Learning how a bacteriophage takes over bacterial metabolism to direct resources towards generating more bacteriophage can both […]

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