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Black tube sponges

The mechanism of action of a potential anti-cancer therapeutic: new technique to monitor subcellular environments

Callyspongiolide (CSG), derived from marine sponges, is highly toxic to human cancer cell lines from a variety of origin tissues and presents a potential cell-killing agent to be included in antibody-drug conjugates for anti-cancer therapeutics. CSG-mediated cell death doesn’t appear to occur via the canonical apoptosis pathway because cell death is not blocked by caspase […]

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A new mechanism by which bacteriophage T5 inhibits growth of E. coli

How can we better control pathogenic bacteria? Insights may come from studying bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria. There are a wide variety of bacteriophages, each of which is specialized to infect and replicate within a specific target bacteria. Learning how a bacteriophage takes over bacterial metabolism to direct resources towards generating more bacteriophage can both […]

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Pathological Signature of T Helper 17 Cells Associated with Endometriosis Identified

Nearly 10% of reproductive age women are affected by endometriosis globally, a condition in which the uterine tissue grows ectopically, resulting in pelvic pain and infertility. The peritoneal fluid (PF) surrounding ectopic endometrial tissue contains T helper 17 (Th17) cells. The number of Th17 cells in PF increases with disease severity; however, their function in […]

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