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Western Blots Step Aside – Use Cell-Based Assays to Detect Immunofluorescence in 384-Well Plates

Although Western blotting is an established technique for detecting a specific protein within a complex sample, it has several inherent shortcomings. These include a lengthy workflow, low throughput, and limitations in the number of replicates, leading many researchers to seek an alternative method. This is where quantitative immunofluorescence in tissue culture comes in. Despite not […]

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Total Protein Normalization: Which Imager Should You Choose?

Total protein normalization (TPN) has become the preferred method for normalizing Western blot data. But to fully leverage its benefits, you need an imaging system that allows you to multiplex TPN with detection of your target proteins. Fortunately, we have just what you need! Whether you want to combine TPN with near infrared (NIR) fluorescent […]

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Why is Total Protein Normalization Important?

If you love Western blotting as much as we do, you’ll have noticed a growing trend toward using total protein staining rather than housekeeping proteins to normalize for load. But what does total protein normalization (TPN) involve and what advantages does it offer? Read on to find out and get your hands on a free […]

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