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Azure Cielo Real-Time PCR systems

Unparalleled in flexibility, speed, sensitivity, reproducibility, and simplicity

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Azure Cielo Innovative Optical Design

The Azure Cielo uses an innovative optic system that allows for dedicated well scanning with higher excitation and detection efficiency. Detect more than 100,000 data points within a given well and increase experimental reliability and reproducibility.

Azure Cielo vs. Others

Whole Plate Detection

More light is required to cover more surface area of the plate thereby dropping the excitation efficiency required for the actual qPCR reaction. To compensate for background, passive reference dyes such as ROX are required.

Well Detection

Single-well excitation and detection is specific and precise for detecting qPCR signals. No excitation light falls outside of the well, reducing excitation of non-well regions. This reduces signal masking background and eliminates the need to use passive reference dyes such as ROX.

See The Data Behind Our Innovative Optical Design

Multiplex qPCR reactions were scanned for all 6 channels in an Azure Cielo Real-Time PCR system. Single Channel amplification curves were as expected, with no leakage or cross-talk.

Application Notes

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