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Azure Biosystems Partners with BIOZ to Leverage Publication Data and Improve Customer Experience

Dublin, Calif. – October 1, 2020 – Azure Biosystems, a leading provider of innovative bioanalytical solutions for protein and genomic research, is happy to announce a partnership with Bioz, a Silicon Valley AI data company. Bioz’s platform of product listings containing evidence-based recommendations grants researchers insight into real-world product applications. Through this platform, Azure Biosystems’ customers can search thousands of publications involving trusted products like the Azure Imaging System, Sapphire Biomolecular Imager, and Cielo Real-Time PCR. Using these references as examples from their peers, visitors to Azure Biosystems’ website will be able to view product applications in trusted scientific articles, taking the guessing out of quality and performance.

The use of artificial intelligence involving Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning collects Azure Biosystems’ product details cited in top tier peer reviewed journals. Each Azure product receives its own Bioz Stars rating by gathering citation information around that product. With data taken directly from trusted publications, an objective product overview is provided to life science researchers across the globe in order to make informed purchasing decisions. Through this platform, Azure Biosystems’ customers are given a snapshot of relevant product applications directly from scientific articles and magazines.

This information is delivered effectively with Bioz Image Badges. Publication details, relevant figures and related applications for Azure’s products are displayed directly on each product page. Product listings are enhanced with extensive details from cited articles, giving each researcher added buying confidence when selecting the right Azure product for their lab.

“Azure Biosystems is very excited to begin a partnership with Bioz and provide a comprehensive and unbiased overview of our western blotting and real-time PCR portfolios. With the implementation of Bioz Image Badges and Product Citation Tool, our customers can not only view publications with similar research foci, but also be directed to the correct product offering for their lab’s needs,” said Justin Luh, Azure Biosystem’s Global Marketing Lead.

Scientific publications include extensive valuable research application information that is of critical importance to researchers who are selecting equipment and reagents for their experiments,” said Dr. Karin Lachmi, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Bioz. Dr. Lachmi added that “far too many researchers are spending precious time and money on research tools that are not optimal for their experiments. Bioz supports researchers in their product-selection and purchasing work-flow by using its advanced AI to identify, extract, and summarize each product use-case from within trusted peer-reviewed life science journal publications, which drives transparency and more effective decision-making.”

About Azure Biosystems

Azure Biosystems Inc. is an innovative life science platform company that designs, develops and markets state-of-the-art instruments, including Sapphire Biomolecular Imaging Systems, and Azure Imaging Systems. By designing instruments that combine quantitative detection, enhanced flexibility, and streamlined workflows, we enable scientists to quickly and confidently advance their studies using the workflows that work best for them. With an experienced team has decades of experience developing 2nd and 3rd generation imaging systems for the life science market, we create innovative platforms that set the definition of industry standards.
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