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Western Blotting

Azure Imager c300

Azure 300 Imager

Chemiluminescent Western Blotting

Using a digital imager like the 300 instead of film for your chemiluminescent blots gives you wider dynamic range, more accurate quantitation, reduces use of harmful chemicals, and streamlines your protocol from detection to analysis. The 400, 500, and 600 can also detect chemiluminescence. Chemiluminescent western blotting is the preferred Western blotting technique for high sensitivity and single protein detection.

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Azure 400 – 600 Imagers

Fluorescence Western Blotting

Using visible fluorescent dyes, detect up to three proteins at once on the 400 imager. The 500 has IR imaging capabilities, and the 600 has the most flexibility with both IR and RGB detection. Fluorescent western blotting is the best option for quantitative comparisons between protein samples and for multiple protein detection.

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Reagents and Accessories

Reagents and Accessories

Azure supports your Western blotting workflow with both chemiluminescent and fluorescent Western blotting reagents and accessories.

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