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Corporate news and press releases.

09/16/21 – Press Release

Azure Cielo instruments validated in SARS-CoV-2 variant detection assays and multiplex diagnostic panels.
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10/01/20 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems Partners with BIOZ to Leverage Publication Data and Improve Customer Experience.
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06/01/20 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems launches Azure Cielo™ for Real-time PCR
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09/30/19 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems launches their next generation of imaging systems for western blots and more.
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04/24/19 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems expands proteomics solutions portfolio with acquisition of Dx BioTech and their innovative flow cytometry technology.
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08/15/17 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems Launches a next generation laser scanner system with Visible and NIR fluorescent, Chemiluminescent and Phosphor Imaging capability.
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08/05/16 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems introduces the Azure Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader, offering application flexibility and an effortless user experience at the touch of a finger.
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04/11/16 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems introduces the AzureSpectra Antibody Labeling Kits
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02/03/16 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems announces the release of our IQOQPQ for the cSeries Imaging Systems.
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09/01/15 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems announces the release of the second generation cSeries capture software.
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07/20/14 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems delivers total solution for Western blot imaging with launch of Western blot reagent line.
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10/12/13 – Press Release

Azure Biosystems introduces the first CCD based imaging system field upgradable to a laser based IR Western imaging system.
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We’re (safely) back at events! We’re excited to be showing you what our instruments have to offer. Hope to see you soon.

09/22/21 – Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, MD)

At Johns Hopkins, experts across various disciplines have come together to achieve a new level of precision in health care.
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09/23/21 – VA Biotech (Richmond, VA)

The VA Bio+Tech Park is a vibrant, life sciences community located adjacent to the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center.
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10/12/21 – University of Maryland – College Park (College Park, MD)

In-person life science vendor show held at the Biosciences Research Building at UMD.
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10/14/21 – 2021 SBP-SN + SBP Fall Vendor Show (San Diego, CA)

Participation from 500+ researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute at an rooftop event, with a raffle and prizes. Happy Hour to follow.
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11/13/21-11/16/21 – Society for Neuroscience (Chicago, IL)

More than 500 exhibitors convene annually to create the largest neuroscience marketplace in the world.
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